How to use facemasks

They aren’t reversible, the pleats fold downwards on the outside. They are 2 colours so you can tell which side you’ve had against your face.

You may wish to wash them or press with an iron before you wear them, to be extra safe. (They’ve been handled by me – symptom-free household, but who really knows?)


A 30/40 degree wash is fine. Pop them in a pillowcase or washing net in the machine so they don’t disappear the way of odd socks.

If you choose to iron your mask – DO NOT touch the elastic with the iron. It will melt. (I learned that the hard way).

How to wear

  • You can add a filter, just poke it into the hole at the bottom. I use folded coffee filters.
  • They can be worn without, but will be more effective with.
  • Pinch the wire around your nose.
  • Then don’t touch it again until you take it off.
  • Wash after each use. (Don’t forget to remove the filter).
  • Once you’ve you taken it off, wash your hands.
  • Please don’t wear it on your chin/under your nose/on your knees, it won’t be any use.