Teddy Hospital – Soft Toy Repairs

One of my favourite things to do is restore faithful stuffed friends to health. I understand the importance of retaining as much of the original toy as possible – staying true to their character. I know that sometimes the seemingly insignificant detail is the most important part. I can bathe them, fluff up remaining fur, line them from the inside – so that should holes develop in the future stuffing will not be lost, secure seams, darn holes, replace eyes, and though I can’t promise they’ll look new (and lets face it, that’s not the idea – if we wanted a new bear that would be easy!) they will leave my hospital feeling refreshed, with perky ears and all their limbs.

If a friend is required to enable sleep – I can in a lot of cases, offer a one day emergency surgery, if you can drop off and collect.

Please message me with a photo of your loved one.