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Can you remember the feeling of excitement you got from catching a glimpse of the reflection of your shiny new shoes in a window as you passed? Or the joy of spinning in your party dress so the skirt would fly out as you whirled? Have you ever asked yourself why your clothes don’t give you the same pleasure? Why do the majority of people wear black or navy coats, when there’s a whole rainbow of colours to explore? Why are both our shoes the same colour when we have two feet? There is only one of you, why dress like everyone else?

I want you feel like a giddy child when you get dressed, in clothes that make you smile and give pleasure to others as you stroll down the street, with the confidence that knowing you look fabulous brings.

Fast fashion is bad for the planet, it’s time to return to the days of bespoke tailoring, having good quality pieces that can be repaired and altered.

At They Shout Hello, we currently offer bespoke fascinators, hair accessories and face masks, and in early 2021 will be launching a dungaree making service, using vintage fabrics. Each pair will be one-of-a-kind – just like you.